RIM Aspire School Literacy Program

RIM Aspire School Literacy Program

We deliver RIM Aspire in the classroom by partnering with elementary schools and early childhood centers in underserved areas, supplying PreK–3rd Grade teachers with arts-enriched literacy training and resources, our innovative coaching, and other unique services to inspire learning and growth in the classroom. As a support system for teachers, we designed our core curriculum to accommodate different teaching styles and environments, while providing evidence-based methods that teachers can tailor for their students’ unique needs and carry forward into future classrooms.

The curriculum addresses all five essential components of early reading instruction: Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension. We provide both formal training and year-round coaching to ensure teachers have everything they need to succeed as reading instructors. Since 2020, we have fully adapted and expanded our curriculum to the virtual and hybrid (a mix of virtual and in-person) learning environments. RIM Aspire is now accessible to educators anywhere and in any classroom environment. Coaching is offered virtually, in person, or a combination of the two and on a schedule that works best with each educator’s needs.

As Reading In Motion partners, teachers receive a comprehensive system designed to improve classroom performance results from day one, including:


New teachers begin with our one-day (8 hour) intensive Summer Institute, at which teachers learn how to effectively deliver Reading In Motion's curriculum. We provide additional formal training outside of the classroom in the fall and spring to extend teachers’ development during the school year. In addition, teachers in our programs gain access to a plethora of professional development workshops and CEUs throughout the year through our RIM Aspire Learning Management System.


All teachers receive the RIM Aspire curriculum and access to our all-inclusive RIM Aspire Learning Management System, which includes thousands of lesson plans in English and Spanish, audio and video lessons for teachers as well as students, engagement opportunities for every type of learner, student data tracking, assessment, and management, as well as a hub for parents/caregivers to further support students from home. We provide original songs and drama scripts to build student brain connections, their level of engagement in reading, and excitement about reading and fluency, along with the classroom resources teachers need to effectively deliver the program in their classroom for the entire school year.


Through our Coaches, we provide various levels of classroom support to teachers to aid in the implementation of our program, as well as to offer general guidance. Coaches meet one-on-one with each teacher for a total of approximately 45 hours (per teacher, depending upon need) throughout the 32 weeks of our program, and they help evaluate students’ reading data, adjust student instruction, model best practices, and provide a wealth of constructive feedback."