Our Curriculum

Arts-Based Reading Curriculum

Our arts-based reading curriculum is designed to help young learners from Pre-K to 3rd grade engage with the world of reading. Creative activities within our curriculum are tailored to boost vocabulary and language development. Through engaging, arts-based exercises, children encounter new words and concepts in context, which helps to deepen their understanding and use of language.

Discover the joy of learning through movement and melody, as our multisensory approach captivates young minds, making every lesson a delightful adventure.

  • Music: Through the power of music, children embrace the science of reading. Songs and melodies help young learners grasp the sounds and structures of words, enhancing phonemic awareness and auditory discrimination. This melodic immersion not only makes learning enjoyable but also solidifies foundational reading skills.
  • Movement: Our curriculum incorporates movement, turning traditional learning into a dynamic experience. By using physical activities, children can better understand and remember what they learn. Movement helps in reinforcing letter recognition, word formation, and overall comprehension, making reading a full-body experience.
  • Drama: activities bring stories to life, allowing children to explore narratives in an interactive way. Through role-playing and dramatization, students develop empathy, improve their understanding of story structure, and expand their vocabulary. This creative exploration makes reading a vivid and memorable experience.
  • Building Confidence: As young learners dive into the world of reading, they gain self-assurance and pride in their abilities. The combination of music, movement, and drama helps them to connect with the material in a meaningful way, fostering a strong foundation for a lifetime of successful reading.

Join us at Reading in Motion and discover how our innovative arts-based reading curriculum can transform your child’s educational journey. With our unique blend of creativity and science, we make reading an exciting adventure that ignites a lifelong passion for learning.

Literacy Programs by Reading In Motion

School Literacy Program

Partnering with elementary schools & early childhood centers in underserved areas, providing teachers with the RIM Aspire School Literacy Program.

Spanish Literacy Program

The RIM Aspire Spanish program is an adaptation of our English version, to better serve the large Spanish-speaking population within many public elementary schools.

At-Home Literacy Program

The RIM Aspire At-Home literacy program provides pre-k - 2nd grad students and their parents / caregivers literacy learning at home.