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RIM Aspire School Literacy Program

The RIM Aspire School Literacy Program transforms PreK–3rd Grade classrooms with arts-enriched literacy curriculum, training, tools, and coaching.

Receive Funding for Programs

Are you seeking finding for literacy programs? We offer grants for literacy programs and more.

RIM Aspire Educator Program

Our Teacher License option enables educators without the resources for the full program to integrate RIM Aspire's impactful literacy curriculum.


Access our videos, tools, and a digital learning platform to empower PreK–2nd Grade students with effective home-based literacy resources.

Why Literacy

Why teach literacy? Our reading aids help teach reading fundamnetals that combat the growing national literacy crisis.


Academic success with our tailored support programs. Individualized instruction based on data for students struggling with reading. Learn more. . .

Partner With Us

We offer partnerships for those looking to support child literacy programs. Reach out today to join our childrens literacy programs.

Who We Serve

Reading in Motion currently partners with the following schools, where our programs are implemented in Pre-K - 3rd grade classrooms. Learn more.

Celebrate for a Cause

Support young readers and classrooms with supply drives and celebrations. Join us in making a meaningful impact. Contact us to get started!


Join our mission to uplift at-risk students through literacy. Become a RIM Reader or volunteer virtually. Make an impact with every child you reach.