Our Reading Method

Serving students in Pre-K through Third Grade.


Start Early

Our focus on early literacy is crucial. Research shows that 80% of students who are reading at grade level by the third grade will continue to read at grade level throughout school. Conversely, students who aren’t reading at grade level by the end of first grade are unlikely to ever catch up, directly affecting their academic success across the board. Academically, students who aren’t reading at grade level struggle in every class, year after year, because by third grade over 85% of the curriculum is taught through reading. Reading is the skill by which students get information from books, computers, worksheets and boards to learn math, science, literature, social studies and more.


Be Engaging

Our music and drama-based curriculum is engaging, which builds literacy skills and student confidence. It is easy to see that students come alive when they get to sing songs, perform plays, and make art at school. Now there is a compelling and growing body of evidence that integrating the arts into classrooms not only has the easily observable benefit of increasing student engagement, but it also has been shown to result in a wide spectrum of academic and social benefits, especially at improving reading and language skills, thinking skills, and motivation to learn. Music and drama-based lessons connect young students physically, kinesthetically, and imaginatively, stimulating their minds on different levels, leveraging their natural love for the arts, and most importantly, accelerating their learning of reading skills.

Support Teachers

Our program features coaching for teachers, focused on building teacher leadership beyond the Reading In Motion curriculum. Our Coaches act as partners in the classroom, assisting teachers in evaluating data and assessing student progress, tailoring instruction, modeling songs and activities, and generally serving as a support network for teachers. Additionally, we offer a 100% virtual approach with our teacher license program.

Use Data

We are focused entirely on driving measurable, replicable improvements in our students’ reading skills. We use data every step of the way, from employing our research-backed arts curriculum in our programs, to facilitating student assessments throughout the school year to measure progress, to utilizing data to tailor instruction to every student’s individual learning needs. Our programs are data-informed through and through.


Building core literacy skills that will be leveraged throughout their education.